ActPoint RoadMaps Updated with House Bills 4465 and 4466:

In collaboration with the Michigan Department of Education, TransACT has updated ActPoint RoadMaps for the Michigan Merit Curriculum, Personal Curriculum Option (PC). This update includes revised PC RoadMaps based on House Bills 4465 and 4466. These changes are effective April 2015.

Districts that subscribe to the ActPoint PC RoadMaps receive this update without additional cost. If you have any questions or comments, or wish to subscribe, please contact TransACT Customer Care: (425) 977-2100, option 3 or

Project Description:

ActPoint is an easy to use automated service for school personnel to use to accurately pre-qualify personal curriculum requests specific to the Michigan Merit Curriculum. It eliminates inconsistencies and errors in the qualification process and links to relevant documents, policies, and procedures. It automatically generates personalized action plans and/or forms and reports to assist the user in understanding the decision for taking the next step. ActPoint is a web-based application accessed through an internet connection and there is no software to install.


Achieve consistent MMC-PC decisions, aligned with applicable law and MDE guidance, throughout the state of Michigan. In addition, use of the ActPoint system will reduce cycle time (time to get to a decision), clarify processes, and create uniform application of the PC throughout the state.


Using the ActPoint decision-tree application, users have unlimited access to an automated, self-service system which will accurately diagnose, analyze and prescribe specific action steps for most MMC Personal Curriculum options as prescribed by the legislature. The automated application is web-based, Macintosh and Windows compatible and simply requires an internet-enabled computer, browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Process Flow:

The ActPoint decision-trees are aligned to the end-to-end process of the Personal Curriculum. See the process flow diagram by selecting the following link: Personal Curriculum Diagram